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Chinese bearings will usher in the era of the brand

Growth from $ 620 million in 2005 to  $142 billion in 2012, the scale of China's bearing industry get rapid average annual double-digit growth. However, in this era of competitive brand power decide, bearing enterprise in China is well prepared to meet the "brand era coming? Let us work together to listen to the views of China Bearing Industry Association executive vice president Wang Quanqing.

What is a brand?

Good product can make you good value for money and good brand but make you value for money!

This is a brand era "If ten years ago, we are laying the foundation for product quality, after time, we should be on the basis of the product brand or business does not have a competitive advantage, than profit margins, but others . To know, only about 5% of the average profit margin of China's bearing industry.

Looking back at the course of development of China's bearing industry, "15", "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the industry-wide technological progress is obvious, to engage in the entire industry together with the Bearing Industry Association, a technology research and product life, reliability, noise , materials technology has gained tremendous progress, especially small, miniature bearings, the small miniature bearings produced by Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces par with the Japanese product quality. But later, due to the increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, some enterprises do not want special technology out to share with their peers, progress slow.

In 2012, the construction machinery market downturn impact on the bearing large, 1 to December, China's bearing industry sales declined 6%, profits fell 25%. However, the economic crisis is also an opportunity for many businesses since 2009 began to abandon the low-end products, research and development to proceed in large bearing. Such as people present, the products have been exported to Japan and the United States, sales grew by 19.96% in November 2012; Another example is the new torch upgrades as the sedan national brand, its wheel bearings escalating sales from 2009 860 million of the 520 million in 2011, has been done, 1 to November sales of 2012, an increase of 14.56%; addition to supporting the future development through technological innovation and equipment modification, some companies put the service into production in. Zhongshan Pacific Century is a typical example, although the company is small, but they are in addition to selling bearings, returned to customers to provide solutions, the shift to service-oriented.

Manufacturing services of the future will become a trend, according to the Chinese bearing industry planning, to the end of the 12th Five-Year "period, revenue from services will account for about 25% of the main business income. From product development, to provide equipment, sales and service, which is a big chain. However, bearing enterprises pay more attention to manufacturing this one, the lack of a sense of "name brands". This is the efforts of our association: to promote the strength of large enterprises do play the brand to the international market giants scramble. To know that eight multinational companies in China to build 43 bearing plants, these the factory original production of high-end bearing, now gradually extending to the mid-to take advantage of the lower labor costs in China, together with the original brand advantage and domestic bearings a direct collision. Bearing more than 1,400 enterprises in China, but do not have a good reputation and well-known international brands to compete with large multinational companies, the brand has a competitive disadvantage, profit margins relatively also much lower.

However, after years of development, some bearing enterprise in China has initially have the ability to build international brands. Lucky Valley Technology specialize copper bearing cage, railway, wind power, it is the level of compliance with the requirements of SKF SKF designated procurement units. Lucky Valley Technology used equipment all imported from abroad, in addition, they also sent their own engineers and technicians Gothenburg, training, and SKF experts into the factory training, the starting point is high, they do the copper cage has reached the level of the first in the country. Our country there are many such enterprises, for example the ZWZ, Los shaft, and Pegasus have this condition. They have a good product based on brand building a good support force will be able to become a well-known brand in the world, go one step further. The brand is well pricing naturally into their own hands.