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NSK China & CSR Regulations

On Nov. 12th, NSK China Purchase Center and China Quality Guarantee Head Office have held the 2nd Liaison Meeting of NSK Chinese Suppliers in NSK China Headquarter in Huanqiao, Kunshan and declared the implementation of NSK Suppliers CSR Regulations. 
NSK Group considers that continuous returning to the society, persevering in developing CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) activities is the absolutely necessary factor
to develop the company continuously and strongly. NSK Group starts from the standpoint of customers and the society,and pursue high quality and consummation in providing products,technology, service and information,etc. for all the social sectors.
The NSK Suppliers CSR Regulations includes the stipulation of abiding by the law and discipline, human right and labor, environment protection and management,etc., aiming at establishing complete, stable and effective supply mechanism under the common sense of CSR with suppliers, ensure excellent quality to reduce the risk of the whole supply chain
and pursue development together.
NSK Supplier CSR Regulations received the support and feedback from all the suppliers that participated in the meeting,which will become one of the important evaluation standard of NSK Group to select a supplier.